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Number 252, December 21, 2003

Keep Laughing!

Democracy, the First Choice
by Raymond Obrigewitsch

Exclusive to TLE

Right wing socialists put the rich on welfare and cause recessions, depressions and wars. They live off the backs of people like you and me, the producers of wealth on this planet. They misuse government to redistribute the wealth of the nation into the hands of a small minority of their supporters who helped them get into power. They also grow communism like a lazy, mangy dog grows fleas on its back.

Communism doesn't just happen, it grows from the suppression placed on a society by the right wing socialists in their effort to steal their survival from the producing citizens of a nation.

People fled right wing socialist Russia in the late 1800s and early 1900s to get away from the suppression of the parasitic right wing socialist government. Communism (left wing socialism) grew out of the ashes of the beaten down right wing socialist state.

The point I am making here, is that we are presented with two choices of political economics systems by those in power today. They are Left Wing Socialism which in it's ultimate form is Communism and Right Wing Socialism which in it's ultimate form is Fascism. It is very important to know that there really are three choices. The third choice is Democracy with Open Market Economics (open to all on equal terms.)

If you study the cornerstone of our country, The Declaration of Independence, you will find the concept of Equal Rights.

Without equal rights we have no freedom!

Without equal rights we have no Democracy!

To hell with Socialism, right wing or left wing! In either of these socialist systems you and I both lose! The whole nation loses! We need to eradicate both left and right socialism for our sake and the sake of America. My ancestors came out of, first, a very suppressive right wing socialist state which later grew into a very suppressive left wing socialist state and in either state no one won. Everyone lost!

Today in the United States, the media is a right wing socialist media, we have no free and equal press, we have no free and equal speech. This is a fact. If you have money you have more press and speech than I have. The right wing socialists own the media, they run the violent and vulgar programs so they can say it is a liberal media. Don't you see it is a cover job! They are merchants of chaos. We need actual debates over AM radio not propaganda machines like they had in communist Russia and fascist Germany. This is not healthy for America.

We need totally open debates on the issues. I suggest having debating teams in the Colleges like we have sporting events. At the end of the year we should have a nationally televised National Debating Championship. The rule would be that the current issues be debated and all team members have to debate both sides of each issue. Then we could have the political system our founding fathers gave us in 1775 when they eradicated the right wing socialist government of Britain from our soil. The political system our founding fathers gave us is Democracy with freedom defined as equal rights and the majority rule. The economic system that fits well into this political system is Open Market Economics (open to all upon equal terms.)

Yes, England ran a right wing socialist state then, the rich rulers in England were put on welfare at the expense of the American Colonists. This sparked the American Revolution. Right wing socialists canít stop themselves from taking all the wealth from a society. History of right wing socialism tells us that they will take every bit of wealth they can get out of a society. The only way they can be controlled is to throw them out of power and set up a system to keep them out.

The Civil War was a war against right wing socialism as was W.W.I and W.W.II. As a matter of fact right wing socialism has a very dirty past all the way back in history. The Dark ages saw the reign of right wing socialism. You could probably trace it back to caveman days. It occurs any time a small group of people takes control of a government and uses the power and influence to redistribute the wealth of the Nation into the hands of a small minority of citizens. This is welfare to the rich. They may have started out non-rich but they get rich at the expense of the large majority of people who are producers of wealth in the society.

The second cornerstone of Democracy in the United States of America is the Preamble to the Constitution. It states that we the people are the government. That the government's duty is to promote the general well-being of the nation, the posterity and provide for the common defense. I didn't use the word welfare as is used in the Preamble because the right wing socialists have perverted the meaning, making it a bad word. Back in 1775, welfare meant well being. General means all. So this means the governmentís duty is to the vast majority of citizens not the small groups of rich or poor who can't make it on their own and must live off the backs of others. There is a provision in the Constitution for those who can't make it on their own, poor or rich, and that is freedom of Religion and nonprofit organizations. That is, charity through Religious Organizations helping those who canít make it on their own.

Maintaining the posterity of the nation means protecting the well- being of future generations. This is where a favorite tool of right wing socialism, deficit spending, is wrong. This tool is used by right wing socialists to redistribute wealth directly from your pocket as you're sitting there reading this article and placing it into the hands of the first people to receive the newly printed money. They are stealing your money value right out of your pocket this instant. This is stealing or fraud. This is a dirty criminal trick and must be stopped because the future generations will be defrauded of their prosperity in paying this debt.

The common defense part of The Preamble means national defense not national offense. This is another trick of the right wing socialist in redistributing wealth. Start a national military emergency and you can appropriate huge funds for military equipment into the hands of the wealthy, another way to put them on welfare.

If you don't conserve the cornerstone of America, equal rights and the government's job to do what is most survival for the vast majority of people, you are conserving socialism either right or left. Either one of them will bring the death of a nation. This is easily proven by studying the history of several civilizations. I have studied several and have seen the devastation caused by either of these socialist systems.

This is the problem in the Middle East, almost all the nations there are right wing socialist states where the rich are living off the backs of the vast majority of citizens who produce the wealth found in that region of the world. Placing real democracy into those states is the solution, where everyone has the right to produce and reap the harvest of their production without being forced to give it to the rich on welfare.

It is good to discuss this, we need more of this in America today. We desperately need debates in America now! Without debates we really have no Democracy and no freedom. We must always make sure that America is ruled by and for the benefit of the vast majority of citizens in this great land. Anything less is not freedom but a degraded country that will not survive.

Copyright © 2003 Raymond Obrigewitsch all rights reserved. Mr. Obrigewitsch has been doing research in the field of Economics for most of his life. This research is done from the view that money is a symbol that represents the value produced in the production of goods and services. The person who creates the products and services owns them and thus owns the money received for them when they are exchanged on the Open Market (open to all upon equal terms.)


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