L. Neil Smith's
Number 243, October 19, 2003

"Walk Through the Fire"

Our Kind of Town
by Alan R. Weiss

Special to TLE

Dear Lovers of Liberty Everywhere,

In thinking about what sorts of people, activities, and individuality we might find in, say, a liberty-minded small town where Free State Project (or a western version of it) has come to be dominant politically, we should consider embracing the following:

- a town where gay Bob and gay Matthew walk around town square, holding hands, kissing, shopping, and eating — and no one bothers them.

- a town where Bill and Jane ride into town on their horses, hitch 'em up, and clang into the general store as their six-shooters jangle on their hips — and no one bothers them.

- a town where Jerry and Cheech are seen rolling a big fat doobie, sparking it up, and smoking it — and no one bothers them.

- a town where Christine and her family, all nudists, stroll through town picking up supplies for their ranch — nude — and no one bothers them.

- a town where Leslie, a middle-aged transgendered woman, drives up in her pink Cadillac to go shopping at the local woman's boutique — and no one bothers her. Oh — and she doesn't have to pay 75 cents to a non-existant parking meter, either.

- a town where David and Jennifer and Sarah and Jackson feel as comfortable in as in as at their polygamous commune back in the hills — and no one bothers them.

- a town where the local hemp farmer buys seeds from Vancouver, B.C. while arguing with the local corn farmer on yields and overseas markets over a beer — and no one bothers them.

- a town where Reggie and Javier, Saul and John, Rajesh and Sonny, Seneca and Chen all feel at home — and no one bothers them.

- a town where the local sheriff is elected as an Advisory Peace Officer, not a Law Enforcement Officer — and the local fire fighters are your friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters.

- a town where there is no tax collector, no bureaucrats, and no support for any that come to town.

- a town that doesn't ban fireworks, Sunday liquor sales, or bad taste in the color of the paint on your house.

- a town where the Non-Aggression Principle guides human relationships, along with a healthy dose of tolerance, humor, and good manners.


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