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Number 237, September 7, 2003

Pretty Close to the Mark

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Letter from E.J.Totty

Letter from Ken Valentine

Another Letter from Ken Valentine

Letter from L. Neil Smith


Re.: Breaking The Chains, by James Landrith [Issue 236].

It occurs to me that in order to break ANY chain, you need to understand where the chain was forged to begin with, eh?

Children are initially 'color blind,' and will not make that kind of distinction. I know this, because I lived with a family of Negroes/ Blacks when I was about 10 years of age, or so. My perceptions didn't contain any aspect of color.

Now granted, I lived north of the M/D line, and I didn't have any preconceptions of the matter of race. Maybe kids elsewhere did?

I will say that my father expressed some less than honorable epithets regarding 'blacks' when I was still in my formative years, and even after I had lived with the family I was boarded with for a summer.

To this day, I harbor no degree of animosity against anyone whom has done no harm to me. Just because my Dad was a 'closet' racist doesn't mean that I am one as well.

My Mother expressed a disgust concerning lesbians, several times.

What do I care? I'm not a woman.

A woman loving another woman has never threatened me.

A man loving another man has never bothered me either.

What does that make me?

In all of this, I have come through it all, and have seen the truth of it, even if my parents have not: You must be what you are, even in the face of the worst of adversity, and nature demands that if you desire to survive, you must fight to live and carry on, or you will die.

Only the strong survive.

Only the weak will threaten the rest of us, because they perceive their own weaknesses.

That's all I have to contribute for now, eh?

In the end, there can be only the one ... thing: The truth.

In Liberty,

Re: The Insanity of the Anti-Bambi Hunt Agenda, by Todd Andrew Barnett [Issue 236]

I agree! It is depraved and sick. And, Yeah, I'm a gun owner. But the Gummint need not interfere. It will die it's own natural death, and in fairly short order. Unfortunatly, it will take someone else's death or serious injury to do it. A hard gelatin paint ball traveling up to one hundred yards in one second can be lethal. A hit in the eye will punch through into the brain — if any of the women who participate in this can be said to have a brain. (Or any of the men for that matter.)

Creator of the "game," Michael Burdich, had best be very well insured. Very well insured, indeed. If anyone can be found to write insurance for this kind of insanity.

Ken Valentine

Re: Letter from Richard Bushnell [Issue 236]

I am so glad Mr. Bushnell described Michael Moore as a far left wing, Republican hating, Bush basher. As it distinguishes Moore from people like me; who are Libertarian, Republican-hating, Bush bashers.

Mr. Bushnell found Michael Moore's "assault on NRA President Charlton Heston" "unjustified," and "apauling" (sic.) I am appalled by the thought that anyone who is nominally pro-gun can support Charlatan Heston.

In an interview with Larry Elder a couple of years ago — KABC 790 AM, here in Southern California — I distinctly heard Mr. Heston claim that he was still proud of his support of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

About that same time, I received a letter from the NRA, enclosing a ten dollar check — to be applied toward membership in the NRA. This was my reply;

The Second Amendment does not say "the privilige," or "the permission," it says "the Right of the people." And it does not say shall not be infringed "except," or "unless," it says "shall not be infringed," PERIOD!!

The NRA gave it's approval to the National Firearms Act of 1934, and the Uniform Handgun Law of 1938, it openly endorsed and campained for the Gun Control Act of 1968. In 1995, the NRA sat down with Handgun Control, Inc. and wrote Act 17, a gun law that was passed in Pennsylvania -- and lied to their members about what was in it. The NRA wrote the Maryland Handgun Ban, endorsed the Brady Bill, and came up with their own Unconstitutional National Instant Check system. So! As far as I'm concrerned you can fold your check until it is all sharp corners, take it between thumb and forefinger, and while standing on tip-toe, stuff it smartly!

My position is simple; every man, every woman, every responsible child, has an absolute, innate,inherent, inalienable, natural, civil, Constitutional, and human RIGHT to acquire and own any handgun, any rifle, any shotgun, any machine gun, anything!, and carry it openly or concealed, any place, any time, without asking anybody's permission.

If there is ever to be any association between us then you must join me.

If it is of any consolation to Mr. Bushnell, I am not going to bash Charlatan Heston, I merely intend to dance and spit all over his grave.

And as far as bashing he who put the "Duh" in "Dubya" is concerned; how is it possible to "bash" someone who has taken a solemn oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution," and then violated that oath in a manner that is in the very least Perjury, and at most TREASON!

Michael Moore and the NRA deserve each other.

(Oh, by the way, "conservatives intelectual arsenal," would properly be spelled; conservative's intellectual arsenal — if they actually had one.)

Ken Valentine

Forwarded from "Hobbit"

[forwarded] From a "friend":

The Ten Commandments display was removed Wednesday from the Alabama Supreme Court building.

There was a good reason for the move. You can't post "Thou Shalt Not Steal" in a building full of lawyers without creating a hostile work environment.


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