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Number 236, August 31, 2003

Finally, the Text of that Social Contract!

Crime Doesn't Pay!
by Mike Straw

Special to TLE

Crime Doesn't Pay!

Except in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, and other evil social fascist oligarchies.

Over the past twenty years, crime rates have decreased by thirty percent, the greatest plunge, nearly fifty percent, since 2001, confounding "experts", since they foolishly linked crime to the economy, falsely supposing that in the Clinton "boom" years, crime could reasonably be expected to fall, since we were all getting filthy rich, but after the September eleventh 2001 wake-up call for America, crime could reasonably be expected to rise, since we were all going broke due exclusively to Bush's economic plan.

The gradual national decline in crime since 1987 was nice, but its precipitous plunge after September eleventh 2001 was baffling.

In 1966, when a protracted series of particularly brutal illegal rapes occurred in Orlando Florida, terrified women by the thousands began to boldly purchase legal defensive firearms, in spite of a local social fascist radio station's barefaced "Chicken Little" efforts to unjustly thwart it.

As Florida "law-enforcement" "officials" ruefully noted, one of the important reasons for foreign tourists and those with out-of-state plates being singled out for robbery is that like in thirty-three other enlightened states, trained unorganized Militia members can obtain permits to carry a legal defensive firearm for immediate protection.

The local mercenary proxy-guardian "police" trained over six thousand women in less than six months!

By 1967, there were only four illegal rapes.

Not one of the two thousand five hundred women actually ended up firing her weapon; the deterrent effect of the publicity sufficed.

Five years later, Orlando's rape rate was still thirteen percent below the pre-program level, whereas the surrounding standard metropolitan area had suffered a three hundred eight percent increase.

This isn't mere theory or speculation; these are actual public statistics. Is there a lesson here, boys and girls?

Evil social fascists, I'm sure, will suggest that I prove a logical negative: that illegal rapes didn't occur as a direct and demonstrable result of those courageous women being legally defensively armed.

This, of course, is patently absurd.

I don't know who was responsible for the illegal rapes, or whether he was dissuaded because of his knowledge that his supply of victims was becoming legally defensively armed, to his obvious physical detriment.

Perhaps he had a particular woman all picked out, ready to strike, and decided against it at the last moment when he perceived the confident gait and assertive expression borne as a result of the womans new-found joy, pride and self-esteem at the discovery that, for the first time in her life, she was dependant on no "other person" to protect her, didn't have to cringe, terrified, waiting uncertainly, wondering when — if — someone else would finally rescue the poor, defenseless damsel in dire distress.

I only know that since they audaciously chose to become legally defensively armed, there are six thousand confident and assertive women still alive, ebulliently enjoying the full measure of their productive lives and I don't care why.

They, like us, have a right to live.

In 1976, Wisconsin and Georgia differing enacted legal defensive firearm legislation.

Wisconsin instituted an onerous unconstitutional forty-eight hour waiting period, but Georgia intelligently loosened restrictions on legal carry.

The result? Wisconsins murder rate rose thirty-three percent, while Georgias dropped by twenty-one percent!

Conservative Kennesaw Georgia passed a reasonable ordinance in 1982 requiring unorganized Militia members to own legal defensive firearms.

A miracle, unexpected by evil social fascists, occurred.

Burglary rates instantly plummeted by eighty-nine percent, from sixty-five per year to twenty-six, and to eleven the following year, and remain to this day among the lowest in the nation, public statistics that evil social fascists are deathly afraid that you'll discover, since any fool can readily observe the obvious cause-and-effect relationship.

When Florida passed a legal carry statute in 1987, the crime rate instantly fell thirty-nine percent.

As U.S. murder increased nine percent, Florida murders simultaneously fell twenty-three percent.

The dynamic remains constant anywhere in the nation that you'd care to rationally examine it.

In the evil social fascist oligarchy of New York, where stellar Constitutional scholars like Al Sharpton reside, the murder rate per hundred thousand people is thirteen point two.

In Vermont, for the exact same group, it's zero point seven.

In New York, the percentage of adults that own legal defensive firearms is eleven.

In Vermont, for the exact same group, it's thirty-five.

New York, where there were five hundred eighty murders in 2002, has some of the most restrictive laws in the nation regarding licensing, but even the evil social fascist mayor grudgingly admits that at least one in ten is probably carrying an illegal defensive weapon.

That translates into two million illegal firearms in New York alone.

In New York State alone, approximately one hundred thousand persons are convicted of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle each year, and this is probably a small proportion of the actual number of people who drive without a valid license.

Given the abysmal performance of "government" in prosecuting felons that were identified by the Instant Background Check illegally trying to buy firearms, theres little to support the absurd claim that licensing will somehow keep "bad people" from obtaining or using firearms at their whim.

Prohibition, which started as a "moderation" movement, didn't keep people from drinking, instead turning millions of otherwise honest and sober citizens into overnight criminals.

Although their populations are fairly close, a person is over twenty times more likely to be a victim of a violent crime in the District of Columbia than in Vermont.

Tranquil Arlington Virginia neighbors Washington D.C., but in 2001, Washington D.C.'s murder rate per hundred thousand was sixty-nine, while Arlington's was only one point six!

In 1976, there were seven hundred two thousand citizens living in D.C. and one hundred eighty-eight murders.

By 1996, there were five hundred forty-three thousand citizens (less) and three hundred ninety-seven murders (more).

The city fathers were ecstatic: legal defensive firearms had disappeared in D.C. — from the hands of the law-abiding.

Of course, there're more illegal firearms than ever in the hands of predatory criminals, and theyve an unconstitutionally disarmed public to prey upon at their whim.

You haven't heard Dan Rather talk about this, nor can you expect to hear it from Peter Jennings or Tom Brokaw, but during the first three months of the war, more Americans were murdered in our nation's capital than were killed in Iraq!

Accurately compare these with rates in the "wild west" of only two per hundred thousand! Who's wild?

The murder rate in Dodge City was actually lower than it is in most American cities today.

The killing was almost entirely confined to the denizens of the gambling hells, barrooms, and bordellos frequented by the drunken cowboy, card sharp, and just plain sneak thief.

The ordinary sober unorganized Militia member was almost never molested, and in fact, when he was harmed, the perpetrator was dealt with summarily and in brutal fashion, often by his own kind.

A woman could walk down Main Street alone at night in Dodge in perfect safety, which is more than we can say for our "civilized" cities today.

Many of those ordinary citizens, including the women, were legally defensively armed.

The drunken cowboy who tried to pull the farmer's wife into the alley could expect to be shot, often by the wife herself.

And afterward, the wife could count on the support of her community, instead of being sued for everything she had the way we do today.

Strangely, predatory criminals can obtain illegal firearms in Virginia, but they choose only to use them in disarmed and helpless Washington D.C. Why is that?

In the March twenty-second 1996 edition of the Washington Post, Lieutenant Lowell Duckett, special assistant to the D.C. mercenary proxy-guardian "police" chief and President of the Black [mercenary proxy-guardian] "police" Caucus, railed, "[Extremist victim disarmament] has not worked in D.C. The only people who have [firearms] are criminals. We have the strictest "[extremist victim disarmament] laws in the nation and the highest murder rates. It's quicker to pull your [illegal] Smith & Wesson than to dial nine-one-one if you're being robbed!"

Jeremy Black, in the January 1998 edition of Chronicles, said, "Crime and insecurity are both aspects of the crisis of Western society at the close of the millennium. This sense of helplessness, itself fueled by the 'government's' monopolization of the means of force, is then used by the central state to justify suppressing still more personal liberties and the right to self-defense. The state presents this process as natural and logical, as the only solution to the problems that plague us. But it is nothing of the sort. It is simply government doing what government does best: monopolizing power."

Centuries ago, a European tyrant named Draco decreed that the theft of a single loaf of bread, an act of desperation by a starving peasant, should warrant death, thus bringing the term Draconian into the lexicon. Things haven'tchanged.

Since the implementation of a Draconian ban on self-protection in 1976, the overall Washington D.C. homicide rate has skyrocketed to eight times the national average since 1988, making Washington the murder capitol of the united States, a fact pointed to with great pride in a job well done by our gloating social fascist politicians.

In comparison, nearly one out of fifty mercenary proxy-guardian "police officers" were arrested in Washington D.C. on firearms-related charges, but only nine out of a thousand permit-holders in Florida had them revoked.

Roughly one hundred fifty-one thousand out of nearly seven point six million applicants, or one point nine percent who applied to purchase a legal defensive firearm in 2001 were rejected after a background check.

Washington D.C.'s Metropolitan mercenary proxy-guardian "police" Department has shot and killed more people per resident in the 1990s than any other large American city mercenary proxy-guardian "police" force.

Washingtons "finest" fired their weapons at more than double the rate of mercenary proxy-guardian police in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami.

Between early 1989 and late 1992, more than one out of every seven shots fired by Washington mercenary proxy-guardian "police" officers was fired negligently.

Internal mercenary proxy-guardian "police" files and court records reveal a pattern of reckless and indiscriminate firearm violence by officers herded into the streets with inadequate training and little oversight, an eight-month Washington Post investigation found.

In the internal records used to track shooting trends, D.C. mercenary proxy-guardian "police" under-counted by nearly one-third the number of people they killed from 1994 to 1997, tallying only twenty-nine fatal mercenary proxy-guardian "police" shootings.

Washington, D.C., our nation's capitol, is the kind of place where, on February twenty-fifth 1988, a woman was illegally sexually assaulted in the D.C. Counseling Center, while Center personnel in the building at the time fled in abject terror from the area of the assault, and on May tenth 1988, a teacher was illegally stabbed by a stranger in front of her horrified class on the way to the playground, or in February 1989, there was an illegal hostage-taking at a D.C. public school, or in May 1989, when another illegal stabbing on school playground occurred, or on May twentieth 1993, when illegal violence, instigated by a stalker with an illegal shotgun, plagued the communities of Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant, or on December twentieth 1994, when shots were illegally fired at the White House, or on February fifth 1998, when a man walked into the waiting room of a D.C. hospital cancer unit and illegally shot six unarmed people.

Washington D.C.'s Metropolitan mercenary proxy-guardian "police" department, with over three thousand six hundred officers for a population of just over five hundred thousand, have the nations highest ratio of officers per citizen (thirty-six per square mile).

Likewise, in number of citizens per officer, it has the lowest (one hundred forty-nine citizens per officer in the Metro mercenary proxy-guardian "police" alone).

This doesn't count the transit mercenary proxy-guardian "police" and all the other offensively-armed "government" agents in armed "law enforcement" per square mile.

On June thirteenth 2002, just another average day, Washington D.C.'s Metropolitan mercenary proxy-guardian "police" department reported three homicides, fifty-six robberies, of which thirty-one were armed, and ninety-seven thefts and break-ins, of which two were armed.

These numbers were cleverly divided among several geographic subdivisions, with the obvious intent to mislead the beleaguered and hopeless residents into believing their hell-hole was actually less deadly than it is, callously risking more innocent lives, none of whom were over-paid legislators, but rather the poor slaves that support them.

Extremist victim disarmament proponents contend that "law enforcement" can protect us and our property against the criminal element if only "law enforcement" has firearms.

Funny, though, isn't it, that many of those saying it have offensively-armed guards or offensively-armed "government" agencies elaborately protecting them twenty-four hours a day, at your expense.

Ones almost four times as likely to be assaulted in the nation's capitol, home of virtually no legal defensive firearms for protection and called the 'Murder capitol of the world' by many.

Is this the D.C. cops or the Keystone Cops?

The number of illegal assaults with deadly weapons in D.C. schools has doubled in the first four years of the new millennium, even though the system has spent eight million dollars on metal detectors, cameras and "security" officers vainly attempting to impose order upon students educated daily that no system of moral behavior need be adhered to.

D.C. school board members say they're "shocked" by the high numbers of violent incidents in the citys public schools.

City officials also expressed "concern" about the rate of illegal in-school violence.

This is Washington, our nation's capitol, named for our greatest leader, a man of impeccable integrity, the country's opinion of the best we're capable of, a shining beacon that we offer to people the world over as a sterling example of what they can aspire to. Sounds like someplace you'd like to live, right?

Its morality that saves us from violence, not the presence or absence of defensive weapons, mere inanimate objects.

Its absurd to believe, as evil social fascists verging on superstition postulate, that inanimate objects are the cause of violence.

Those evil social fascists who insist upon "saving us from legal defensive firearms" cling to the heartless, violent doctrine that no human life has intrinsic worth.

We must recapture the noble view of men as individuals, capable of moral responsibility and self-restraint.

If we intend to retain a hold on our heritage of liberty, we must strengthen our confidence in our own moral capacity, and insist upon such confidence in our fellow unorganized Militia members.

No Constitution, no court, no law can save liberty when it dies in the hearts and minds of men.

This view must be expanded to include our public servants, both elected and appointed.

They must see that the false social fascist Utopia being foisted upon honest unorganized Militia members is literally killing them.

Unfortunately, this viewpoint can only be brought to an evil social fascist's attention by force, since he's incapable of perception that doesn't threaten his immediate well-being. It's just his nature.

They insist on both having their cake, at your expense, and eating it — right in front of you — too.

They claim that theres "no duty" to protect any individual and then arrogantly demand our complete disarmament to patiently await whatever horrifying fate befalls us as a consequence of our current social fascist elitist "revolving-door" justice, which, of course, they compel us to fund with our own extorted money, which they use to luxuriously ferry themselves and their offensively-armed thugs in complete safety in private jets and limousines.

This is obviously immoral, unconscionable, and unconstitutional.

This is the dirty secret nervously cringing in trepidation behind every social fascist elitist argument — they're all based entirely on emotion, not logic.

Its past time to apply Article Four, section One of the Constitution, and require all backward States to give "full faith and credit" to the permits issued in States that are willing to rely on the goodness and competence of the average American.

Mercenary proxy-guardian "police" kill three hundred thirty innocent individuals annually, and most have never fired at a living person.

Highly trained — with your tax dollars — mercenary proxy-guardian "police" hit what they aim at on the average of only eighteen percent nationwide, compared to rates from eighty-five percent for unorganized Militia members — who pay through the nose out of their own pockets — who attend such renowned and prestigious schools as Gunsite, Thunder Ranch and Lethal Force Institute.

Harry Humphries, director of Global Studies Group International, who in my humble estimation, would now hold a Medal of Honor but for the slovenly habits of his boss, Dick Marcinco, says, "[mercenary proxy-guardian] 'police officers' are expected to carry a firearm. Furthermore, they are expected to be able to use a firearm to carry out their most important societal function — the protection of [innocent] life."

Conclusions based on several recent studies indicate that they dont measure up.

In fact, it suggests that it's not even reasonable to expect them to be able to shoot well enough to save their own lives!

Past averages show that in gunfights, about a hundred mercenary proxy-guardian "police" are killed in comparison with only three of their intended targets.

In a NYPD study of over four thousand incidents by their chief firearm instructor, Frank McGee, he concluded that officers hit the threat only twenty-five percent of the time.

Geller, in a University of Chicago study in 1980 reached the same conclusion after studying four hundred incidents.

A similar study in Los Angeles showed identical results.

In the September/October 2002 issue of [mercenary proxy-guardian] "police" marksman magazine, Angelo Appi agreed, saying that "officers are missing the threats anywhere from forty-two percent to eighty percent of shots fired," at distances of "zero to ten feet..."

Statistically, mercenary proxy-guardian "police" hit what they were shooting at one point five times for every six rounds fired.

There exists within the united States a group of patriotic Americans whose goodness shines forth like a beacon of righteousness.

These sterling individuals have already passed stringent Federal background checks including fingerprints and photographing.

As a group they're in legal trouble around one-twentieth as often as Washington, D.C. mercenary proxy-guardian "police," or about one-third as often as New York City mercenary proxy-guardian "police."

An interesting correlation is that where legal defensive firearms are most proscribed, like New York, are the same geographic locations to suffer the greatest numbers of mercenary proxy-guardian "police" killed. Just A Coincidence.

In a threat management event, this group is less than one-fifth as likely to kill an innocent person as mercenary proxy-guardian "police."

They're even less likely to be wounded in a threat management event than mercenary proxy-guardian "police."

Moreover, these individuals not only require no compensation for acting as unorganized Militia members, but also have paid for their owntraining.

These individuals are, of course, permit holders that're currently available to all trained, non-criminal residents in thirty-four States.

Its well past time to allow these dedicated volunteer "law-enforcement" officers to be equipped to prevent heinous crimes, not only on airplanes, but in schools and post offices, and other federally-guaranteed disarmed-victim (killing) zones.

Its not economics, but rather, logic that dictates crime rates.

Fifty-six percent of predatory criminals reluctantly admitted they wouldn't assault a legally defensively armed victim, a fact confirmed by the Wright-Rossi study, which found the number-one occupational hazard of predatory criminals is legally defensively armed homeowners.

Since the first moist droplet of the legal carry tidal wave in 1987 to today when the majority of states, buoyed by the U.S. attorney general's pronouncement that "The plain meaning of the right of the People to keep arms is that it is an individual, rather than a collective, right and is not limited to keeping arms while engaged in active military service or as a member of a select Militia such as the National Guard," to the deafening roar since September eleventh 2001 when, according to the Congressional magazine "Roll Call," the fat-cat hypocrites dedicated to unconstitutionally disarming you were lining up in droves to purchase the biggest legal defensive firearms they could carry.

The International Herald Tribune reported that the FBI ran four hundred fifty-five thousand background checks and one hundred thirty thousand permit checks in the six months after September eleventh 2001.

The plain and overwhelmingly obvious fact to even the dullest, most obtuse member of our society must be that predatory criminals leave those that can shoot back alone.

The recent events in terror could have been completely avoided.

There exists a system already in place for hundreds of years to cover such eventualities. It's called the Constitution.

If only this brainless, spineless nation of cowards (see the superb book of the same name by the brilliant scholar Jeff Snyder — its an absolute must read) [hardcover or paperback from Amazon.com] would only act on their belief in our Constitution!

If only ten percent of the passengers on one of the doomed airliners on September eleventh 2001 had chosen to live up to their responsibilities as unorganized Militia members and decided to carry, there would have been twenty to thirty champions, like Todd Beamer, to face the enemies of liberty.

Do you think the outcome would have been different?

Due to the sheer premeditated criminal cowardice of self-important social fascists like Boxer, Clinton, Daschle, Feinstein, Kennedy, Kerrey, Lautenberg, Lott, McCain, Reno, Schumer, and Thurmond, over three thousand innocent Americans were murdered without even a chance to justly defend themselves!

More people, innocent citizens, not military combatants, were killed on September eleventh 2001 than died at Pearl Harbor.

More people, innocent citizens, not military combatants, were killed on September eleventh 2001 than died on D-Day.

This gang of devil social fascist tyrants is the same one that whispered in the appreciative ears of bin Laden, Hussein, Khomeni, Pol Pot, Tse-Tung, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, and Caligula, and they most assuredly deserve the same fate!

Were engaged in a war against evil and tyranny, and cowardice in the face of the enemy is a capital offense.

Lets use the language of the evil social fascists and ask "how many more must die?"

Lets do it for "the children" and leave them a better, stronger world!

Its truly said that we get the "government" we deserve!


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