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Number 236, August 31, 2003

Finally, the Text of that Social Contract!

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Letter from Marc Brands Liberty

Letter from Richard Bushnell

Letter from Ken Valentine

OMB Bomb

Amid the bland budget boilerplate, the Office of Management and Budget notes that the Drug Enforcement Administration" is unable to demonstrate progress in reducing the availability of illegal drugs in the United States." The DEA says it just needs to redefine its accomplishments.

Source: www.liberty-news.com/newsletter.html

Marc Brands Liberty

My name is Richard Bushnell and I'm writing you hoping that you will help me spread the truth about ficticious film maker Michael Moore.

As I am sure you know, the far left wing, republican hating, Bush bashing film makers 'documentary' Bowling For Columbine is riddled with untruths, spin, distortion and demonization. What I found most apauling was the unjustified assault on NRA President Charlton Heston.

I don't know if you have seen the 'film' or not, but I do invite you to my brand new website I have dedicated to exposing the truth behind Bowling.

www.bowlingfortruth.com details scene by scene, in some cases shot for shot and line by line how Michael Moore pursuades his viewers by decieving them. The information on this site should be essential to every conservatives intelectual arsenal.

Although I have injected a lot of money into the building of this site, I have no advertising on it and it remains completely non-profit. I also have no budget for advertising, so am hoping that you will help spread the word and spread the truth.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or comments.

Richard Bushnell

Re: "Wannabe Terminators Target Term Limits", by Paul Jacob

Refering to the entry of Arnold Schwarzenegger in California's coming recall election in TLE #235, Paul Jacobs says; "Great. Arnold's a cool guy."

Well pardon me while I jump up and click my heels. A "cool guy" who favors "Gun Control." A "cool guy" who wants to raise taxes for the sake of the Chilllldrennn.

I guess it's OK to be a Big-Government, Tax-and-Spend, Socialist Dog Whistle if one has an "R" behind one's name, but it's NOT if one's name is followed by a "D?"

What in blazes has being a "cool guy" got to do with being a competent administrator?

What has being a "cool guy" got to do with enforcing — or even obeying — the highest law of the land...the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

What has being a "cool guy" got to do with anything in politics?

Is Paul Jacobs suffering from Anoxia and Tired Feet?

I wouldn't vote for that Authoritarian ASS HOLE if you put a gun to my head!

"Cool guy," Sheeesh.

Ken Valentine

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