L. Neil Smith's
Number 233, August 10, 2003


Dan Weiner Medical Fund Report
by Alan R. Weiss
alan at ebenchmarks dot com

special to TLE

As we say in Texas, all y'all are real generous!

OK, well, we don't say that very often, I admit, but the third- person superplural sure fits in this case.

The Dan Weiner Medical Fund has received $430 in checks!

It has received $379.41 via PayPal!

It has received nearly $1500 via e-Gold! (Can't quite figure it all out until final settlement).

That brings us to over $2300!

So now you know why I'm mighty impressed that all y'all don't just "talk the talk", but "walk the walk." Some of you have donated $20, some have donated $100, some even $200 and a few MUCH more. I don't know if its proper or not to name big benefactors. YOU know who you are -- and indeed, whether you believe in karma, Divine Providence, or just helping a comrade in arms out when he or she has fallen, you're going to make a difference in Dan Weiner's life.

Every single dime, FRN, bit o' precious metal, and check will go directly to Dan Weiner, as well as your letters, notes, and email (I'll print it out for Dan). Mary Lou Seymour is coordinating Dan's Defense -- the war on cancer and various treatments. She CARES about Dan deeply. I think we all do.

For those of you who have not yet donated: NOW is the call to arms, my friends. NOW is the time to do something that you will feel good about the rest of YOUR life.

Alan R. Weiss
Volunteer, Dan Weiner Medical Fund
Austin, Texas

Here's how to donate:


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