L. Neil Smith's
Number 225, May 25, 2003

The Prime Directive

I Am A Nigger—An Assay of Truth
by Alan R. Weiss

Special to TLE

I am a Nigger.

And so are you.

That racial epithet can serve us mightily as we remember our place in society. The bottom.

You see, at the top is now the US President, the Cabinet, and the Republican Party. Since that's a mouthful, lets just call them "Massuh Repos."

Ol' Massuh, he's fixin' to institute the DRAFT again in Texas (a Bill was introduced by a local Massah Repo into the State Legislature this year!). Is there anything that says "slavery" more The Draft, Nigger?

Next up is the US Congress, backed by the Army of Bureaurats. They all live in The Big House up on The Hill. They pass laws on the tiniest of our earthly activities, rendering MOST of them illegal. Their distributed Minions in the State Legislatures across this country have passed MILLIONS of laws. YOU are a lawbreaker, and at ANY time they can swoop down and hold a nice fancy lynching for you, called a "Trial." The Trial will cost you, most likely, your life savings for your defense, your good name, and quite possibly your freedom and livelihood. Just as the old Black slaves felt that Massuh could punish them at ANY time, so can YOU be punished at ANY TIME, Nigger.

THEY are First Class Citizens, full of the protection of The Man. They ARE "The Man." Corporate malfeasance is mildy rebuked. Innocent women and children in Waco, Oklahoma City, New York City, and other battle zones are slaughtered like animals. The proud military engine is turned on Third World hapless bystanders, even as the hapless FBI is turned on Americans. The degeneracy of the aristocracy slaughtered human slaves. What has changed today, Nigger?

When you protest, when you stand up like a MAN (or a WOMAN) and protest, the Department of Homeland Security may open up the metaphorical firehose on you, drowning you in survelliance, suspician, possibly arrest. Does that remind you of Birmingham, Nigger? Does the firehose of The Man scare you? It should.

If you don't like being called "Nigger", you Nigger, then why not say so? Why not stand and fight? Why tolerate it? If the Black Man and Black Woman can declare themselves FREE AT LAST (and yet throw it all away, just as White Folks have thrown it all away), well, so can you.

If the biggest trick Ol' Debbil played on human beings is convince y'all that Satan doesn't exist, the biggest trick Massuh played on you is convince you that you ARE a Nigger.

And you don't have to be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, or ANYTHING else except "an American" to feel, these days, that you are a Nigger. Only YOU can get rid of that "feeling" by doing some "thinking."

Alan R. Weiss

P.S: As if I have to say this: I don't have a racist bone in my body. If you think so, you can't hope to understand what I mean, and for that I'm very sorry. I can only say that its time for ALL of us to reclaim the word and put it in its proper context: being a second class citizen in your own land.

Alan R. Weiss is Chairman and CTO, ECL, LLC, of EEMBC Certification Laboratories, Austin, Texas http://www.ebenchmarks.com, http://www.eembc.org.
Benchmarking * Certification * Software Testing and Product Analysis Strategic Consulting * Embedded Development Services * Support ECL, LLC is an equal opportunity employer (EOE).


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