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Number 218, April 7, 2003


The Zero Aggression Institute
by William Stone, III

Exclusive to TLE

After becoming a philosopher of the Zero Aggression Principle, I searched for the "authoritative" word on the subject. Of particular interest was the Internet, since almost everything has some kind of representation there. Astonishingly, the ZAP is the one thing that never seemed to have anything devoted exclusively to it. This is particularly strange considering that there are a large number of libertarians who are devotees of the philosophy. Some version of the ZAP is entwined with the national Libertarian Party and an overwhelming majority of the State Parties.

Most surprising was the fact that while the Zero Aggression Principle is central to libertarian ideals, there is no directed effort to educate individuals in its benefits. This has led to all manner of misunderstandings about the ZAP among both devotees and non-devotees.

It is a prudent moment to rectify these problems. I am therefore proud to announce the formation of the Zero Aggression Institute, whose Web site can be found at www.0ap.org.

The Zero Aggression Institute is founded with a dual mission of educating both devotees and non-devotees of the Zero Aggression Principle. For non-devotees, our mission is:

  • To counter distortions and misconceptions about the Zero Aggression Principle.

  • To demonstrate that moral values and sciences like market economics have their basis in the application of the Zero Aggression Principle.

  • To advance the acceptance of the Zero Aggression Principle as the fundamental philosophy governing the interaction between adult, sapient human beings.

For Zero Aggression Principle devotees, our mission is:

  • To promote the establishment of a free civilization in which individuals self-govern guided by the Zero Aggression Principle.

  • To provide specialty education in the Zero Aggression Principle.

  • To prepare devotees to function as adjudicators in instances where individuals seek restitution for initiated force.

  • To discover and publish the social, political, and economic implications of the Zero Aggression Principle and its consequences on the well-being of human civilization.

  • To educate community leaders that the absence of initiated force is the primary condition for the achievement of a free civilization.

The Zero Aggression Institute shall implement these goals through:

  • A training program using the classical apprentice/journeyman/master approach to certification: Certified Zero Aggression Principle Apprentice, Philosopher, and Master.

  • Independent scholarly research into policy issues in which the Zero Aggression Principle may be applied.

  • Publication of scholarly and popular expositions of such research.

  • Translation research on the Zero Aggression Principle into other languages with introductions and commentaries by Certified Zero Aggression Principle Philosophers and Masters.

  • The operation of a funding program for various projects of benefit to the community and to advocate the Zero Aggression Principle.

The 0AI relies upon voluntary contributions from private corporations, foundations, and individuals to continue its work. You may contribute to the continued financial success of the 0AI in three ways:

  • Participate in the 0AI's certification programs.

  • Become a 0AI Fellow or Benefactor via private donation (donations@0ap.org).

  • Purchase the 0AI's ZAP merchandise through its line of Cafe Press merchandise (www.cafeshops.com/0ai).

All profits are returned to the 0AI for funding of its mission.

The unfettered creative power of free individuals will transform the human experience. Individual self-government guided by the Zero Aggression Principle will bring human civilization and individual achievement to heights never dreamed possible. The Zero Aggression Institute will help provide the philosophical context for every human being to achieve their birthright:

Freedom, Immortality, and the Stars!

William Stone, III is Executive Director of the Zero Aggression Institute www.0ap.org).


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