L. Neil Smith's
Number 93, October 9, 2000
October Surprise

To all of the whining pansy asses to whom the recent Arizona Libertarian Party action was a shock and a surprise:

If this bothers you so much, then you need to go back to issue number 1 of the Libertarian Enterprise at this thoughtfully provided link: http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/. Look under "1995 Issues". Read every word in issue number 1.

Then, when you're finished, go back and read issue number 2. Repeat this process with every issue from number 3 to number 92, paying particular attention to the words written by L. Neil Smith, and paying extra particular attention to those in issues numbered 12 through 17, which are the ones immediately prior to the 1996 Presidential election. Those to whom this letter is aimed might wish to bring along a dictionary to look up the big words if necessary.

And finally, after you've read every word of five years worth of The Libertarian Enterprise, and it still bothers you that Harry "Staine" Browne isn't on the ballot in all 50 states, then you should unsubscribe. I don't think you're going to dislike it any less as Election Day comes closer.

To those of us who have been following TLE for that long, the shock and surprise isn't that Arizona nominated our own El Neil, but that the national Libertarian Party didn't. On second thought, knowing the pusillanimous sacks of dog shit peopling the national party, maybe it's not such a surprise after all.

Chris Goodwin

To: <jfriesen@mpd.selkirk.bc.ca>
Cc: "John Taylor" <John@johntaylor.org>
Subject: Canadian tribulations
Date: Monday, October 02, 2000 2:29 PM


Having read your post to the latest TLE (#92), and having visited the website you suggested, I can only say that the move toward total communistic control of your government is progressing well.

I pity you; I pity myself even more, as my government is not far behind.

It seems that the social conditioning of your police is progressing faster that I had thought, seeing as how in the article referenced there is no comment as to who was responsible for that call to the police, nor is it even evident that they made any attempt to apologize to the man who was so violently attacked.

Have a suspicion? Call the police, sit back and wait for the fun to happen. A nation of Hitler youth without the benefit of having had Adolf around to condition them!

This is how the communists win: they inveigh against a group or thing, and condition the people to react in the most emotionally negative way possible when the suspicion falls upon them that the inveighed against is present.

It is only a matter of time before the police dispense with legal niceties in a nonchalant fashion by merely shooting the citizens dead first, and then wondering aloud about whether to prosecute his accomplices.

I wonder: what does the instep of a jackboot feel like when it is placed --just so, on the neck? Not, you understand, that I wish to experience that particular event; it's just that I'll never get to know, being the onerously obstreperous recalcitrant, when it comes to standing up to tyrants.

Any jackboot on my neck will have come at the cost to several dozen (or many more) of the lives of their ilk, and most certainly after my own untimely death.

One can only wonder how far Canadian citizens can be pushed before they start to push back ... Is that a possibility?

E.J. Totty echeghlon@seanet.com

Dear John,

Just a note about the sour grapes letters in the TLE#92, concerning the move in Arizona to put L. Neil Smith and Vin Suprynowicz on the ballot instead of Harry Brown.

Ballot hijack?

I think not, in the consideration that nobody Libertarian has a titanium ball's chance of survival in hell of getting even remotely close to any national office that is titled POTUS. This quadrennial exercise in futility is a monumental waste of time, money, effort and emotion.

I say we should just pack it in, and go for the local and state offices until such a time that the LP is a force to be reckoned with: maybe 30 to 50 years down the line will be the time, but certainly not the present.

Let's get real here -- or maybe even close to it.

So Arizona deviated from the national norm of going with the flow. I'd thought that was the ideal, instead of the conformity that the other national parties have insisted on from day one.

The libertarian idea of getting a person elected is to resort to the write-in vote. Screw that ballot access issue! Why all the pain and agony of getting a candidate on the ballot of every state? If the names of the people who should be elected are already known, and if the party has the gumption to print enough yard signs for the party faithful to place in their own yards, and money enough for those same party faithful to pass out on neighborhood walkabouts, then who the hell needs all that wasted effort on 'ballot access'? Save the money and efforts for local advertising, TV and radio commercials: Let the people know that the only real choice is the one you write in yourself on the ballot, and not the cookie cutter candidate preselected for your 'voting pleasure.'

The LP has hamstrung itself with issues that made me puke -- especially with their national firearms licensing scheme suggested in the last LP convention. What set of dullards was in charge there?

More importantly, who were the delegates - democrats in disguise? How ANY self-professed Libertarian could bring him or herself to even allow such a vote is beyond the pale of reason.

E.J. Totty echeghlon@seanet.com

As a Libertarian candidate for Congress in Iowa, I wanted to get an endorsement from the National Rifle Association. Imagine my surprise when I was informed in no uncertain terms that they do not deal with third party candidates.

"Not even when the other candidates are both anti-self-defense?" I asked.

I had an endless run-around of "that's our policy" ("I vas just followink orders..."). They only deal w/ candidates listed by secretaries of state after spring primaries...even though, by law, third party candidates in Iowa cannot file until August.

Why don't they endorse 3rd party candidates? "Not enough resources; they can't win; blah-blah-blah..."

I told them that this was a self-fulfilling prophecy: not enough exposure; so the NRA won't even send out a questionnaire let alone endorse a 3rd party candidate; so the candidate gets less exposure and fewer votes; so the NRA can say, "See! Told you so."

I tried reaching someone higher in the organization to register my displeasure at this asinine policy (hmm, somehow they always have the resources to send me endless fundraising requests) but was told the person was in a "meeting." Left my phone number but so far no call back.

The NRA wants US to support THEM, but they ignore the only group of candidates who are consistently pro-freedom. What a crock.

Guess in the future my money will be going to Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, or their new CCOPS organization.

Russ Madden rdmadden@earthlink.net

I read about Smith/Suprynowicz ticket on the ballot in Arizona in the TLE #92. I may now have someone to vote for... though I'd have to write them as I'm in New Hampshire and Harry Browne's the one that's on the ballot for the Libertarians. I can't bring myself to vote for him. The final straw was the report on Jacob Hornberger's charges against him that appeared in Liberty. Granted, Hornberger's charges were exagerated, but there was enough there to keep me from voting for Browne.

I have a few questions though. I recall L. Neil Smith for a while didn't want to run, then he would run if he got enough signatures on a petition. Did he ever get enough signatures? And what exactly has been going on there in Arizona? I haven't read much of anything about it except a brief blurb in the LP News which said the Arizona LP was dis-affiliated (or disassociated or however it was they put it). And finally, if I decide to write L. Neil and Vin in, what are their full names (or will L. Neil Smith and Vin Suprynowicz do?)

Dan Groves dgroves@tiac.net

I attended the Constitution Day rally at the capitol steps in Denver Colorado on the 3rd of October. There were many people there from all ends of the struggle for liberty, Second Amendment Sisters, Tyranny Response Team, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Libertarian Party members from all across the state, and a few people who just were curious about what was going on. Many Libertarian candidates spoke, as did a number of representatives of the above mentioned groups.

Also there was Harry Browne, Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States in 49 of 50 States. Now that is what I want to rant about today. I not only heard his speech at the rally, but followed to a reception at the Denver Tech Center Sheridan Hotel to hear his stump speech and question and answer session.

Now up until this point I had two sources of information about Harry Browne; his 29 1/2 minute video tape "The Great Libertarian Offer" and what I had heard about him from L. Neil Smith and other detractors. Up to this point I felt a bit like a Yellow Dog Libertarian, I would have voted for a Yellow Dog if it had the Libertarian name after it. But after hearing his words and shaking his hand, I am fully behind this man and his idea of the direction our party needs to go.

I just didn't see the evil that I was warned about, I didn't see the back stabbing maniac, the compromising sell out, the man who has no principles, the non-libertarian candidate. Now he could be lying, after all he has no real political history that we can look at, but I have a fairly good eye for bull shit having lived in Fort Collins Colorado for too damn long as a certain ex-girlfriend of mine will attest, and I didn't see the signs. I have no idea where his enemies get the idea he is the Anti-Christ.

Not only did I not see evil, I heard from this mans lips ideas that I have used in arguments, ideas that I came to through my discussions with Libertarians, Conservatives and Liberals. Everything that Harry Browne said I agreed with completely, no reservations what so ever. The only thing he didn't do was call for the current administration, and the last few administrations for good measure, to be put in the gas chamber. Not that I don't think they all deserve it, but it does sound like something you find in a Banana Republic, not the United States of America.

Now I don't know what the heck was going on in the minds of those folks in Arizona who put Smith and Suprynowicz on the ballot, I don't know what makes them think they didn't have a voice in the convention or the state party or anything else. I just don't know what they were thinking or doing, but some folks just have to screw with the works.

Who I am a bit miffed with is El Neil and Vin. How could you encourage those loose cannons? How could you go along with this madness? Was it spite? Was it ego? Did Harry take your lunch money when you were kids? I will say that up until meeting Harry Browne in person I was willing to cut you two some slack. But now, I have lost respect for the both of you. Finding out there was no Santa Claus was easier than this. Perhaps when we put our heroes up so high, the fall will always be so hard. There is no joy in Mudville tonite.

Scott Graves lockman2@uswest.net

This is just a note to all my friends and acquaintances, to announce my new website and accompanying business, Liberty Artworx.

The web site, http://www.libertyartworx.com , presents a fairly representative collection of my paintings, sketches, designs, and 3D graphics skills; along with a smattering of my political sentiments. Please check it out, then drop me a note to tell me what you think.

And of course, if you have some graphics work that needs doing, I'd love to discuss it. I'm also open to suggested additions for my "links" page.


Scott Bieser sbieser@earthlink.net

Hi J C,

Me and my big mouth, I hadda talk politics with a relative. I spoke with my uncle by phone recently and joked "Mr. Gore's solution for the oil and polution problems is to make everyone buy a new car." True, but I said the wrong thing, again.

He lit into me about his having to rely on USgov for his cushy retirement, and we needed that tax money in the SoSec fund to keep it afloat. "Do you want to live your retirement like a Republican?" he shrilled at me. "Do you?" not waiting for my pithy remark, he plowed on "Then you better vote for Gore!" I tried to yammer in, but "Whuh whuh, uh..sure" was all I got out.

This from a guy that last voted for Perot, and justified the act with "You've got to make a stand now." We've all seen what that stand got us, and he has too. We have gotten more taxes, laws, litigation and government controls in the history of this country.

Both candidates have made clear (to me, anyway) that they'll say anything for a vote or a buck, broadly tarring the opposition with slander. Both candidates have taken literary license with the truth. Both candidates have circled their wagons for a close election. It has all the earmarks for a total voter sellout after November 7.

Will the tax money (ours) be returned? Will it really go into a lockbox? Will taking another stand forward our cause of freedom? I hope it will, but I have a bad feeling about this particular election.

When the Republicrats are shown up for what they are, it should help our cause. Don't forget to vote for the Libertarian of your choice, but vote!

Peace out,

Jack Jerome paratime98@yahoo.com

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