A Word From A Friend

You don't know me personally.

You don't even know my real name.

Oh, sure, back there where I keep my powder and primer, it might say I'm .22 Long Rifle, or .38 Special, or 9 millimeter, even .45 ACP or .44 Magnum.

But up here, where it counts, I'm Buster Bullet, and darned proud of it. It's my job—mine and that of my friends here in this cylinder or magazine—to keep you safe. To keep you and your family safe.

Yeah, I know, sometimes evil people get ahold of us, kidnap us, enslave us, make us do evil things. But that's not our fault. That's not what we were made for. We were made to keep you safe. To keep and your family safe.

And you know what? The more of us there are, of Buster Bullet and his friends, the easier our job becomes, keeping you safe. Keeping you and your family safe. Thee days, trouble often comes in bunches, in mobs, in gangs, in packs. When it does, if there's only one of us, or two, if there's only five of us, or ten—even fifteen, there might not be enough of us to do our job of keeping you safe. Of keeping you and your family safe.

At a time like that, you can't have too many of us.

If you're weak, small, old, frail, a 100 pound woman facing a 200 pound male aggressor, you don't have to give in, you don't have to submit, you don't have to get hurt or killed—as long as you have Buster Bullet and as many of his friends as possible on your side. How many of us are "too many" in that situation?

So the next time some gaggle of big shots tries to tell you that you don't need that many of us to keep you safe, to keep you and your family safe, the next time those big shots try to tell you that you only need fifteen of us, or ten, or five, or two, or one—ask them how many of us are keeping them safe, keeping them and their families safe.

The answer will astonish and outrage you.

And keep this in mind: the only real reason anyone ever wants to take your guns and ammunition away is because he's planning to do something to you that you wouldn't let him do, if you had your guns and ammunition.

Take it from me—and my friends—Buster Bullet

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